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What Industry Required From CAD Engineer ?

What Industry Require From Cad Engineer?

  • Technical Knowledge:- Knowledge of machines, tools, Engine, Operation & Maintenance.
  • Drawing Standards:-Projection Method, Dimensioning Rules, Sheet Sizes ,BOM, Ballooning, Title Block .
  • Design Parameters:- Product cost, Delivery date, Quantity, Quality, Energy consumption, Reliability, Maintenance, Size, Weight
  • Manufacturing Process:-Should have knowledge of Casting, Coating, Machining, Forming, Joining, Moulding, Welding
  • Material Properties:- Should have Knowledge of material properties Elastic deformation, Plastic deformation, Yield point, Yield stress, Tensile strength, Ductility, Resilience, Toughness.
  • GD & T Knowledge:- Should have GD & T Application Knowledge .


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