As Per The Requirement Of Manufacturing Process With Interacting As Non-Conventional Method We Graphix Technologies Have Designed This AUTOCAD Course For New Users Who Want To Become Proficient With AUTOCAD Course As Efficient As Possible To Learn Core-Modelling Skills With Included Topics. 

Autocad Classes Pune. 


Introduction To Unigraphics NX 10, About NX Gateway, Getting Started NX Graphical User Interface

Title Bar, Menu Bar, Toolbar, Radial Toolbar, Selection Bar, Cue And Status Line, Dialog Rail, Resource Bar, Navigators,HD3D Tools, Integrated Browser, Palettes, Roles, Full Screen, View Orientation- Trimetric, Isometric, View Commands, Rotate ,Pan, Zoom In/Out, Quick Pick, Quick Pick, Categories, Coordinate System- Absolute Coordinate System, WCS, Absolute Coordinate, Work Coordinate System. View Triad, Multiple Graphics Window, Information Window, Keyboard Accelerators, Dialog Box
File Management – Creating New Files And About Templates, Opening Files, Saving Files.


Creating Sketches – Profile, Line, Arc, Circle, Fillet, Chamfer, Rectangle, Polygon, Studio Spline, Fit Spline, Ellipse, Conic
Editing Sketches – Quick Trim, Quick Extend, Make Corner, Offset Curve, Pattern Curve, Mirror Curve, Intersection Point, Derived Lines
Constraints – Geometric Constraints, Auto Constraint, Inferred Constraint, Dimensional Constraints, Auto Dimension, Animate Dimension, Continuous Auto Dimension.


Basic Terminologies – Feature, Body, Solid Body, Sheet, Face, Section Curves, Guide Curves
Feature Modeling Concepts
About Datum CSYS And Datum Planes
Changing Units In NX
Feature Modeling Commands
Creating Extrude Features
Extrusion By Selecting A Section Of Edges
Limits Option
Boolean Operation
Applying Draft
Offset Sketches

Feature Modeling Commands

Creating Revolve Features
Revolve Sketch About An Axis
Limits Option
Offset Sketches
Creating Primitives – Block, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere

Creating Datum Features

Datum Plane, Datum Axis, Datum CSYS, Datum Point

Creating Sweep Features

Sweep A Section Along A Guide
Adding Thickness
Sweep One Or More Sections Along Guide Curves
Section Sweep Using Spine
Section Location
Orientation Method
Scaling Method

Creating Sweep Features
Creating Variational Sweep
Limits Option
Adding Secondary Sections
Creating Tube Feature
Blend Features
Creating Edge Blend
Constant Radius
Variable Radius
Creating Face Blend
Types Of Blend
Applying Chamfer

Feature Modeling Commands

Hole – General Hole, Drill Size Holes, Screw Clearance Holes, Threaded Holes
Pocket – Cylindrical, Rectangular, General
Pad – Rectangular, General
Emboss – Offset Emboss
Slot – Rectangular, Ball End, U-Slot, T-Slot, Dove Tail
Groove – Rectangular, Ball End, U-Groove

Feature Modeling Commands –
Dart, Thread, Shell
Draft – From Plane, From Edges, Tangent To Faces, To Parting Edges, Draw Direction, Variable Draft Points
Draft Body, Scale

Feature Operations

nstance Feature – Rectangular Array, Circular Array, Pattern Face
Mirror Feature, Mirror Body
Instance Geometry Creation – From Bodies, From Faces, From Faces, From Edges, From Curves, From Points

To Divide Face, Trim Body , Split Body, Boolean Commands, User Defined Feature, Creating Feature Group, Editing Expressions, Knowing Feature Replay Command, Knowing Layer Settings, To Measure Distance Between Geometries, To Measure Angle Between Geometries, To Measure Bodies And Face Geometries, To Find Geometric Properties
Feature Operations And Smart Tools
Synchronous Modeling


Introduction To Assembly Modeling
Types Of Approach
Bottom Up Assembly Modeling
Top Down Assembly Modeling
Placing Components

Assembly Constraints

Angle, Bond, Centre, Concentric, Distance, Fit, Parallel, Perpendicular, Touch Align
Creating Component Arrays
Linear Array, Circular Array, Feature Instance Array


Introduction To Drawing
Inserting New Sheets, Editing Sheets
Setting Up Standards, Knowing Graphical User Interface Of Drafting, NX Drafting Methods
Creating Drafting Views
Base View
Drawing View
Projected View
Orthographic View
Auxiliary View


Angle, Bond, Centre, Concentric, Distance, Fit, Parallel, Perpendicular, Touch Align
Creating Component Arrays
Linear Array, Circular Array, Feature Instance Array

Creating Drafting Views

Detail View
Section View
Simple Section, Stepped Section , Half Section, Revolved Section, Folded Section, Unfolded Section, Pictorial Section, Half Pictorial Section, Break Out Section, Creating Broken View, Cropping View Boundary, Standard View
How To Move/Copy A View
How To Align A View
How To Hide/Show Components
Creating Section In View

Adding Dimensions

Inferred Dimension, Horizontal Dimension, Vertical Dimension, Parallel Dimension, Perpendicular Dimension, Angular Dimension, Cylindrical Dimension, Hole Dimension, Diameter Dimension, Chamfer Dimension, Radius Or Radius Of Curvature Dimension, Radius To Centre, Folded Radius, Thickness Dimension, Arc Length, Horizontal Chain Dimension, Vertical Chain Dimension, Horizontal Baseline Dimension, Vertical Baseline Dimension, Ordinate Dimension
Adding Annotations
Adding Feature Control Frame
Adding Datum Feature Symbol
Adding Datum Target
Inserting Identification Symbol
Inserting Surface Finish Symbol
Placing Target Point Symbol
Placing Intersection Symbol
Applying Cross Hatch And Area Fill
Creating Centerlines
Placing Table
Placing Tabular Note
Listing Parts List
Creating Auto Balloon


Surface Modeling Commands
Creating Extrude Surface
Creating Revolved Surface
Creating Ruled Surface
Surface Using Curves
Surface By Through Curves
Surface By Through Curve Mesh
Creating Studio Surface
Surface From Section Surface
Surface Creation By N-Sided Surface

Surface Generation

Creating Surface Using Styled Sweep, Surface From Four Point Surface, Swoop Feature , Transition Feature, Extension Feature, Bounded Plane, Sheet From Curves, Ribbon Builder, Patch Openings, Law Extension, Silhouette Flange
Creating Curves From Curves
Creating Curve From Bodies
Creating Associative Copies
Extract Body, Composite Curve
Editing Geometries
Emboss Sheet, Sew And Unsew, Patch, Trim Body, Split Body, Trimmed Sheet, Trim And Extend, Untrim, Offset Surface, Variable Offset Surface, Offset Face, Scale Body, Thicken, Divide Face


About NX Sheet Metal Preferences
Creating Base Feature
Creating Bend Feature
Attaching Flange, Attaching Contour Flange, Creating Lofted Flange, Inserting Hem Flange, Apply Bend, Unbend, Rebend, Apply Jog, Creating Sheet Metal From Solid
Corner Definition
Applying Closed Corner, Break Corner, Applying Chamfer
Applying Punch Operations
Dimple, Louver, Drawn Cutout, Bead, Solid Punch, Gusset
Sheet Metal Cut Operations
Resizing Bend Radius
Resizing Bend Angles
Resizing Neutral Factor
Bend Operations
Converting Solid Body To Sheet Metal
Converting To Sheet Metal
Creating Flat Pattern

Synchronize Modeling

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerances & Its Applications

Our Faculty

Dnyaneshwar Pakhare

Sr. CAD Engineer
Industrial Experience – 3 Yrs

Anurag Udhoji

CAD Engineer
Industrial Experience – 1.5 Yrs