• Historical Background, Rules of Testing, Bare Bones Bug Hunting
  •  Identifying Bugs, PIANoTV
  • Why Testing is Important, FACT-BADI
  • Game Team Overview
    • Game Production Cycle
    • Test Phases
    • Testing Game Life Cycle
    • Bug Categories
    • Software Quality, Appraisal Documents, Quality Plans
    • Overview of the Test Process, Lifecycle of a Build, Black box/White box, Testing by Numbers
    • Testing Techniques – Test Trees
    • Testing Techniques – Combinatorial Testing
    • Testing Techniques – Test Flow Diagrams
    • Testing Techniques – Cleanroom Testing, Modeling Player Behavior.
    • Playtesting and Ad-hoc Testing
    • Defect Triggers
    • Testing Classification
    • Elite Bug Hunting
    • Entering Game Testing, Transcending Testing, Working Conditions and Demographics
    • Future of Game Testing
    • Finalize Test Plan – Final Project.