CIVIL 3Ds Max Studio

As Per The Requirement Of Civil Plans With Interacting As Non-Conventional Method Graphix Technologies Has Designed This 3Ds Max Studio For New Users Who Want To Become Proficient With 3Ds Max As Efficient As Possible To Learn To Input Animation & 3D Effects To 2D Drawing By Using Standard Primitive.



• Introduction To 3ds Max • Uses In Various Engineering Sectors • Features In The Software Interface • Four Ports And Configuration • Animation Options – Time Line & Time Slider • Unit Setup
Exercise- • Application Of Objects Like Standard Primitive • Modeling Of A Small Hut In A Garden


• Application Of Tools In Main Tool Bar • Link, Unlink, Selection Tools, Operating Tools, Mirror & Snaps • Software Interface • Navigation Panel. Tab Panel , Media Panel ,Grid And Snap Set Up
Exercise • Creating Wall By Using Box Parameters • Crating Some Architectural Features Like Arc Entrances And • Front Elevations By Cloning


• Application Of Tools From Main Tool Bar • Selection Sets , Align , Layers , Render ,Material Editor • Interface For Command Panel • Create , Modify , Hierarchy , Object Categories • Tools- Array , Mirror
Exercise • Creating Various Kinds Of Stair Case By Using Standard Primitives Exe – L- Type , C- Type , Radial , Flat , Hexagonal & Octagonal


• Extended Primitives , • Group Menu, P Q R Axis ,Co Ordinates , Family Parameters • And Modeling Hedra, Torous Nut, Chamfer Box , Chamfer Cylinder Etc. • Modeling Of Interior Object Like Sofa , Tables , Beeds , Cupboards
Exercise • Enating A Bed And Sofa Set With Dining Tables And Chairs.


• Parameters Modifier • Bend , Taper , Twist , Shell , Slice , Wave , Noise , Etc • Appling Parametric Modifiers With Shell Modifiers • Limit Effects Gizmo Center
Exercise • Creating Some Architection Objects Like Sunshade , Block • Front Projections Arcs By Using Parametric Modifiers


• Geometrical 3d Object With Parameters • Door • Windows • Wall • Railing • Stairs • Foliages And Site Improment
Exercise • Creating One Interior By Using Default Geometrical 3d Object • Paremetires Deforms Extended And Standard Parimites


• Concepts Of 2d Shapes , Line Spline Difference Between Editable • Spline And Default Shapes Brief Visualization On Arc , Rec , Ngon , • Circle , Ellips , Helix , Text , Stares • Extrude Lathe , Loft, Boolean • Sub – Parameters Of Line 1. Vertex 2. Segments 3. Spline
Exercise • Creating Some Shapes Like-(Star, Move Mark, Rotate Mark ) • Extruding Some Editable Splines • Creating 360” Circular 3d Objects By Lathe Command • Creating Single & Multiple Boolean • (Subtraction Of Doors &Windows From Walls ) • Creating Single & Multiple Loft • (Modeling Of A Architectural Pillar By Using Loft)


• Using Editable Spline • Attach & Cross Section • Editing Line S By Expiring Vertex , Segments , Splines • Modeling Concepts Of Bevel Profile • Vertex Parameters – • (Fillet , Chamfer , Fuse , Weld , Connect , Insert,Etc) • Segment Parameters (Insert,Break,Divide,Hide ,Unhide,Etc) • Spline Parameters (Trim, Extend, Out Line Etc )
Exercise • Creating Models Of Realing , Door , Frames , Windows , Cupbordes Of A Piller


• Creating Subtraction & 3d Objects From 2d Line S & Shapes • Aplly Morror Any Align Attach Commands On 2d Lines Changing And Converting To 3d Editable Spline Copy Of Segment And Line
Exercise • Creating One Interior Of A Kitchen With Kitchen Cabinets Flooring And Shutters.


• Relation With Auto Cad And Line Drawing • Importing 2d Plans And 3d Blocks From AutoCAD • Exporting 3d Max Files To Other Extension • How To Draw Plan In Auto Cad For 3ds Max Reference
Exercise • Importing One Plan From AutoCAD And Creating Walls And • Sulestraction Of Doors Windows Ventilators Slabs Designing In 3ds Max


• Editable Patch And Editable Nurms Patch Parameters And Modeling Tools Nurms Modifiers And Parameter Modify Tools • Mesh Smooth And Interaction
Exercise • Creating A Flower And Lives By Using Editable Patch • Creating Curtains And Wardrops By Using Editable Nurms


• Ediable Poly And Low Poligon Modify • Convert 3d Objects To Editable Poly • Working With Vertex Edge Polygon And Elements Adding And • Subscripting With Modifiers Quick Slice Cut Bevel Inset Outline Extended Scaling Roaion Movement Of Scale Parameters And Modeling
Exercise • Creating One Architectural Piller And Some Falls Projection From A 3d Objects


• Introduction To Material Textures And Maps Concepts Of Texturing And Adding Material • Introduction To Material Editor • Mapping Material Slots Adding Subestracting Maps • Color Concepts Texturing With Bitmap Files
Exercise • Application Of Materials On The Objects • Creating Colorized Material Textures For Objects


• Apply Material On Surfaces • Uvw Mapping Tiling • Diffuse Mapping And Creating New Tercouse • Bitmap Material Creating Mirror And Glosyness • Multi Material Editing Maps
Exercise • Appling Different Materials On One Surface • Creating Reflection On Objects • Creating Tiling Ranginess On Objects


• Architectural Maps • Shellac Maps • Raytral Maps • Materials Object Maps • Blend Materials • Composite Materials • Uvw Mapping
• Tiling • Browing Jpeg Files As Materials
Exercise • Creating And Editing Material By Using All Concepts Of Mapping • Texting One Interior And One Exterior


• Introduction To Lights • Universal Concepts & 3ds Max Representation • Sun Study & Positioning Lights • Main & Subordinate Lights • Types Of Lights • 1. Omni 2.Spot 3.Directional Exercise • Creating Lights In View Ports • Observing The Categories And Parameters Of Lights • Appling Lights With Some Objects


• Light Parameters – Restricting Lights • General Parameters(Conversion Of Lights) • Intensity And Color Attenuation • Shadow Parameters • Atmospheric Effects • Far And Near Attenution
Exercise • Appling Lights In A Interior And Creating Shadows • Creating Lights In Cones , • Bed Lights, Falls Lights , Table Lamps


• Application Of Lights In Interiors • Creating And Appling Lights On Exteriors • Creating Multiple Lights In Interiors • Appling Lights In Side Wall Corners • Getting Preview
• Brief Application Of Lights In Interiors And Exterior • Creating Previews With Lights


• Introduction To Camera • Application And Utilities Of Camera • Brief Discussion On Camera Concepts And Getting Previews • Types Of Camera 1. Free Camera 2. Target Camera • Parameters For Cameras (Lenses And Coverage)
Exercise • Getting Previews By Camera • Creating Still Images From A Camera • Application In Interior And Exterior


• Animating Camera • Path Camera By Motion Panel • Time Configuration And Frame Rates • Animating The Position , Rotation , And Path Of Camera • Appling Camera View Ports For Preview • Path Constant
Exercise • Animating One Camera One Path • Getting Preview From A Camera In A Interior • And Exterior


• Concepts Of Walk Through • Frame Rate And Time Configuration For Walk Through • Sexualizing Animation In A Human Tendency • Rising And Droppings Camera On Stair Cases And Exterior Elevations. • Getting Views For Top, Left, Bottom, And Right Ports.
Exercises • Creating One Walk Through With Certain Frames • Preview The Walk Through.


• Concepts Of Rendering • Scan Line Rendered
• Properties 1. Frame Range 2. Files 3. File Size Resolution. 4. Port Selection. 5. Rendering From Different Views
• Environments And Back Grounds. • Active View Port Settings. • Creating Still Images (Jpeg, Bmp). Movies-(Avi, Mpeg)
Exercises • Producing Still Images And Movies In Frame Length • Timing Of The File, Angles, Of The Camera • Creating Walk Through Files In Avi Format


• Basics Of Animations • Frame To Frame Animation • Parametric Animations • Morphings And Object Animation • Noise
Exercises • Animating Doors, Openings At Entrance Of Camera • Animating Curtain And Wordrops In Interior • Creating Water Bodies (Swimming Pool) • Animating Water


• Introduction To View Post Effects • Video Post Application And Object Id. • Add Scene Event • Add Image Filter Event • Add Image Out Put Event • Saving Video Post Effect In Various Formats • Executing Sequencies • Saving Files
Exercise • Creating Glows On Objects By Applying Video Post Effects • Creating Contrast, Highlights, Glow On Objects • Getting Render Still And Animated Movies From Video Post


• Getting Start With Projects • Estimating The Projects • Site Improvement With Elevations • Creating Architectural Point Of View • Planning Of Interior Of Files • Planning Of Exterior Files
Exercises • Creating A Project On Interior • Walk Through • Exterior Elevations • Presentation Of The Projects


• Creating Doors, Windows And Stairs According To Parameters • Creating All Types Of Shapes Like Circle, Line And Ellipse Etc. • Convert All Solid Objects Into Editable Mesh • Convert All Shapes In Editable Spline • Creating Compound Objects • Creating Doors, Windows Frame, Pannel, Glasses Using Boolean Creating Doors, Windows Frame, Pannel, Glasses Using Editor Spline


•Importing AutoCAD 3D Building Model File In 3Ds Max • Applying Camera, Lights And Materials In 3D Model View • Rendering Model View Using Default Scan Line Renderer •Rendering Building View Using Mental Ray Renderer


• Different Types Of Lens And Effects In Lights • Creating Road Night Views Using Spot Light And Lens Effects • With Path And Without Path Animation Of An Object In Particular Frames •Road Animation Creating With Dummy And Camera • Creating A Big Fountain Of Circular Shape By Particle • System And Space Warp •Creating Bounce Effect Of Water • Creating Smoke Effect In Pooja Room By Particle System And Space Warp • Creating A Farm House With Water Animation, Rotation Of Fan Wheel


•Creating A Scene With Fire Effects • Creating Inner Wall, Door With Frames In AutoCAD To Exterior Building Model
•Importing Exterior And Interior Building Model In 3Ds Max • Setting The Furniture In Rooms According To Its Requirement


•Walk Through Of Building In Exterior And Interior •Creating AVI Movie • Creating Blanket With Bed And Table Cloth Using Some Special Modifiers •Creating Curtains Using Special Modifier

Our Faculty

James Ohol

Chief Civil Engineer
Industrial Experience – 5+ Yrs
Faculty For 3DS Max.

Ajinkya Ingley

Civil Cad Engineer
Industrial Experience – 5+ Yrs
Faculty For 3DS Max.

Shravani Abnave

Civil Cad Engineer
Industrial Experience – 3+ Yrs
Faculty For 3DS Max.