Autocad Classes In Pune

As Per The Requirement Of Manufacturing Process With Interacting As Non-Conventional Method, We Graphix Technologies Have Designed This AUTOCAD Course.  New Users Can Become Proficient With AUTOCAD Course As Efficient As Possible To Learn Core-Modelling Skills With Included Topics. 

Autocad Classes Pune. 



A) Auto Desk Company & Products
B) CAD History.
C) Co-Ordinate Systems  Absolute & Relative (Further Into Rectangular & Polar)
D) Basics Of Geometry
E) Getting Started With AutoCAD & System Configuration.

Getting Started With AutoCAD

A) Starting AutoCAD
B) AutoCAD Screen Components
C) Drawing Area, Command Window, Application Status Bar
D) Drawing Status Bar
E) Status Bar Tray Options Like Ortho, Snap, Osnap, Grid
F) Invoking Commands In AutoCAD
G) AutoCAD Dialog Boxes
H) Starting A New Drawing, Open A Drawing
I) Use A Template, Wizard & Creating A New Workspace
J) Saving Your Work, Drawing Save As Dialog Box
K) Closing A Drawing, Opening An Existing Drawing
L) Understanding The Concept Of Sheet Sets, Creating A Sheet Set, Adding A Subset
M) Mouse & Keyboard Navigation

Editing Drawing

A) Move & Rotate
B) Copy, Copy With Base Point And Pasting
C) Trim, Extend, Lenghten & Break
D) Scaling, Offset, Mirror
E) Rectangular & Polar Array
F) Use Of Grips To Modify Sketch Objects

Creating Other Features

A) Creating Hatch Patterns
B) Line Type Definitions, Properties (Line Type, Line Colour, Line Weight)
C) Layers
D) Blocks
E) Texts And Tables
F) Inserting External Objects (OLE)

Basic Dimensioning, Geometric Dimensioning, And Tolerance

A) Linear Dimensions
B) Aligned Dimension
C) Arc Length Dimensions
D) Angular Dimensions
E) Baseline Dimension
F) Continued Dimensions
G) Diameter Dimensions, Jogged Dimensions, Radius Dimensions
H) Generating Centre Marks And Centre Lines
I) Creating Ordinate Dimensions
J) Leaders
K) Editing Dimensions Using Editing Tools
L) Editing Dimensions With Grips
M) Editing Dimensions Using The PROPERTIES Palette

Basics Of 3D

A) UCS & Region Command
B) 3D Solid Commands Like Extrude, Revolve, Sweep, Loft
C) Editing Commands Like Slice, Section, Interface
D) Booleans Operations Having Add, Subtract And Interference
E) Basic Rendering Like Applying Material, Background, Lights And Camera
8) Printing / Plotting
A) Templates
B) Viewports
C) Paper Setup
D) Printer Setup

Our Faculty

Ashish Shelke

Sr Cad Engineer  

Industrial Experience – 8+Yrs
Faculty For AutoCAD.

Pranita Jadhav

Sr. CAD Engineer
Industrial Experience – 6+ Yrs
Faculty For Autocad

Dnyaneshwar Pakhare

Sr. CAD Engineer
Industrial Experience – 7+ Yrs
Faculty For Autocad.

James Ohol

CAD Engineer
Industrial Experience – 5+ Yrs
Faculty For Autocad.

Amit Rawale

CAD Engineer
Industrial Experience – 4+Yrs
Faculty For Autocad.

Shimon Ghadge

CAD Engineer
Industrial Experience – 3 Yrs
Faculty For Autocad.