Navis Work

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Getting Started with Autodesk Navisworks

  • Publishing, Merging,
  • Refreshing, and Emailing Files
  • Selection Tree and Selecting Objects
  • Selection Tree and Selecting Objects

3D Model Review

  • Hiding Objects and Overriding Materials
  • Object Properties : Measuring and Moving Objects
  • Selection and Search Sets
  • Viewpoints
  • Comments, Redlining, and Tabs
  • Animations
  • Sectioning
  • Links
  • Comparing Models
  • Navisworks Real-Time Rendering
  • Switchback

Time Liner

  • Time Liner Overview
  • Creating Tasks
  • Gantt View
  • Import Tasks from External Project File
  • Configuring and Defining a Simulation
  • Simulation Export Chapter


  • Animator Overview
  • Creating a Basic Animation
  • Manipulate Geometry Objects in an Animation Set
  • Section Plane Sets
  • Controlling Animation Scene Playback


  • Scripter Overview
  • Creating and Managing Scripts
  • Creating and Configuring Events
  • Creating and Configuring Actions Course description shown for Autodesk Navisworks 2017.
  • Topics, curriculum, and/or prerequisites may change depending on software version.


  • Quantification Overview
  • Setting up a Quantification Project
  • Item and Resource Management
  • 3D Model and Virtual Take-off
  • Managing Take-off Data
  • 2D Take-off
  • Analysing Changes
  • Exporting Take-off Data

Clash Detective

  • Clash Detective Overview
  • Clash Results
  • Clash Test Reporting
  • Working with Clash Tests
  • Audit Checks
  • Exporting and Importing Clash Tests
  • Laser Scan Data Clashing
  • Method for Testing and Resolving Clashes
  • Time-Based Clashing

Autodesk Rendering

  • Autodesk Rendering Overview
  • Adding Materials to a Model
  • Creating and Editing Materials
  • Material Mapping
  • Lighting
  • Sun and Sky Lights
  • Exposure Control
  • Ground Planes
  • Photorealistic Rendering Appendix A: Data Tools
  • Database Support (Data Tools)

Our Faculty

Durga Dutt Dwivedi

Chief Civil Engineer
Faculty For Navis Work